“The foot-stomping One Hand Don't Clap deserves a round of applause”

Hollywood Reporter

Grandmaster Lord Kitchener and Calypso Rose, the first woman to break through in a traditionally male arena, revel in the infectious rhythms and exhilarating irreverence of calypso/soca music. The legendary artists lead audiences from New York recording studios to the awesome magic of Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago. There, the festivities culminate with the fiercely contested annual competition between top calypso singers. A star is born when newcomer David Rudder wins the title of Monarch of the Year.


Pan in A Minor

Lord Kitchener switches to the minor chord to compose an inimitable tribute to pan, the steeldrum.


Rose belts out against a no-good husband in a hot and spicy commentary on household politics.

“Most engaging! Showstopping!”
New York Times
“an enticing introduction to an appealing and unique form of music”
New York Post
“enlightening and entertaining”
St. Louis Post Dispatch
“a spicy combination of intoxicating sound and dazzling sights”
St. Louis American
“a delightful rhythm that is all its own”
Wall Street Journal
“This vivid and engaging documentary moves and shakes with inimitable music.”
The Village Voice
“Seductively rhythmic and poetic. Not just about music and musicians, but an examination of cultures. A credit to the film and its creators.”
New York Newsday
“Along with Don't Look Back, the best of all is One Hand Don't Clap. This'll look — and sound — just as good 25 years from now.”
Down Beat