“The power of storytelling
crosses all borders…”

- Filmmaker Kavery Kaul

Kavery Kaul makes documentary films driven by characters who challenge assumptions about who they are. Through an intimate lens, she crafts stories which straddle different realities and apparent contradictions. She explores timely issues and timeless themes.

“Kavery’s films delve deeply and with cinematic beauty into issues that are socially, politically, and artistically integral to our contemporary world. She has a subtly powerful voice, and possesses a unique way of telling complicated stories that make them universal.”
- Tom Jennings, Director, Logan Nonfiction Program at Carey Institute for Global Good
“Every family collects its own treasure chest of stories. The stories we’ve heard shape our beliefs, our way of life, and our perspective on the world. Captured on film, they inspire us to think, to care, to question.”
- Filmmaker Kavery Kaul