“beautifully rendered... brilliantly paced to inhale images and ideas”

– Jennifer Merin, Alliance of Women Film Journalists

Havana. A leading artist of the new generation, Roger Toledo Bueno mines the past through the masters who started their careers before him – Manuel Mendive, Rocio Garcia and Roberto Diago. With his contemporary Ariamna Contino, he looks to the future.

Intense color, ingenious materials, and bold vision mark the enduring lines between art and life.

“A superb filmmaker and committed documentarian, Kavery Kaul’s fierce engagement, always, is a tribute to her subjects, her ways of looking at people within a textured social fabric, and her determination to get at what matters in the world. At the same time, past and present uniquely converge here, while placing a new generation of artists in dialogue with their history.”
– Celia McGee, Culture writer and arts reporter, The New York Times, LitHub