“fiercely unsentimental… universally applicable and deeply poignant”

The Villager

In the aftermath of traumatic brain injury, Eric struggles to relearn life skills in a once-familiar world. Unable to start college, he sets out on the unpredictable road to recovery. Their lives altered forever, his family must redefine happiness. They search for “a new normal” in this sprited and inspiring story filled with laughter, determination and love.

“In this documentary, the essence of the human spirit is revealed, and we discover more of our own.”
– Loreen Arbus, Disability Rights Activist, Producer
“an amazing and absorbing documentary”
– Bob Woodruff, ABC-TV
“An emotionally powerful look at a terribly challenging situation, this documentary is highly recommended.”
– Video Librarian
“a compelling story about a complex publichealth issue”
– Susan Connors, President, Brain Injury Association of America
“a truly marvelous film. There is no melodrama; it does not romanticize; nor is it voyeuristic (or horrific).”
– Lesley A. Sharp, Anthropology Now
“Out of a tragic event, Director Kavery Kaul has made an endearing and memorable documentary. In fact, we’ve never had such an overwhelming response to a film.”
– Anthony Di Salvo, Sprout Film Festival Director

If you’re in recovery from brain injury…If you want to learn about the needs of those in recovery… For information, guidance and support, please go to the Bob Woodruff Foundation, or the Brain Injury Association of America.